State by StateOne of the things I love about New York is its randomness. This weekend I saw a staged reading of a play written by Jonathan Franzen. It’s from the awesome new State by State anthology edited by Matt Weiland and Sean Wilsey. Fifty writers contributed odes to the fifty states, and Jonathan wrote his in the form of a play in which a Literary Writer (played by Jonathan), tries to get some face time with Lady New York (played by Maria Tucci) so he can tell her how much he loves her. Parker Posey played her publicist, Peter Hirsch played her attorney, Sarah Vowell played the State Historian, and Ellery Washington played the State Geologist.  It had a thrown together feel, but the actors were all pitch-perfect. And it was really funny.  Ask me on another day and I might tell you how much I hate this city, but that night, I hearted it. I really did.