So I went on a gallery walk in Bushwick last night, a neighborhood I love because of how much it reminds me of Chicago. The night air was chilly but a stiff tequila cocktail at English Kills warmed me up, as did the hospitality of all the dealers, many of whom were showing stuff out of their living rooms. One highlight was the Jon Burgerman/Jim Avignon show at Factory Fresh. They holed themselves up in the gallery’s basement for a week to create all the work. Crazy! The theme was anxiety (an emotion I know all too well) and at one point I thought “this is like Roz Chast for the hipster set” but luckily I kept that to myself, and of course that wouldn’t do the show justice.

The other highlight was the night-capping live performance at Pocket Utopia in which Andrew Hurst dissected his dead pet tarantula, bundled up its parts with some bone dust and pot, attached the whole thing to a dozen black helium-filled balloons, and then released it into the night sky. This being Brooklyn, the balloons immediately got caught on the antenna of the warehouse across the street, so it didn’t turn out to be as euphoric as I hoped. I really wish I had a video of this performance to post, but I don’t.

All in all, a really great Friday the thirteenth.

Image above by Jon Burgerman