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So I had another New York moment last night–my first time at Carnegie Hall. Ian Bostridge and Julius Drake performed Schubert compositions. Basically, a guy sang and a dude played the piano. Imagine two little people on the stage in the photo above. (Can you tell that I know nothing about classical music?) It was both crazy (seven encores! the crowd went nuts!) and really, really lovely.



Anybody who’s in Chicago right now should check out Leslie’s show, “Half Life, Half Light,” at the Tony Wight Gallery. I can attest, it’s really freaking beautiful. Great title too. Maybe I should get Leslie to help me name my stories, because I suck at it.

Painting above, entitled “Tempest in a Teapot,” by Leslie Baum

It seems I’ve got a thing for Sesame Street lately. Can’t wait for this episode to kick off the fortieth season in November. Favorite line: “Why do you wear pajamas before going to bed but you’re naked the rest of the time? It makes no sense.”

I went to see a Knicks game last night at Madison Square Garden. It was so much fun, I wish I were rich so I could sit courtside at every game. Here’s some footage of my new favorite player, Nate Robinson. He’s only 5’9, which makes him teeny tiny on a basketball court but, man, can he dunk.

A big shout out to Aileen and Luella for introducing me to my new favorite video.